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Third Party Disk Checking Tools

As expected, selecting this option will remove all installed applications, resets your settings and delete all files on the primary drive. Selecting this option will remove all installed applications and resets your settings but will keep files on the primary drive. So, will a clean install of Windows 10 delete my files? If done properly then Windows 10 install will not delete your data, but you would have to reinstall all applications you had installed previously on your computer.

It can recover files, folders, and applications that are lost, missing, or deleted. If you select ISO file then you would need to burn a DVD later.

There’s a great article here from TheTechMentor.com that provides a list of software with some simple step-by-step guidelines. Sometimes hardware connected to the drive can fail such as the printed circuit board (PCB). In theory you can simply swap the PCB boards but if you’re unsure you might want to get an expert to do it – if you don’t know what you are doing you could inadvertently wipe all the data on the drive. Logical failures – this happens when the electronics of the hard drive fail or the software has a problem. If your drive does crash it can cost a lot of money to have the data restored.

You can restore it yourself but diagnosing and fixing a broken hard drive is a serious business so you need the willingness. But that said, it’s certainly a cheaper alternative than shelling out for what is usually a relatively large amount of money to have the drive restored. However, given that your drive will at some point inevitably fail, it pays to back up the drive, to an external device for instance.

Owners of desktop PCs can open the case and connect the corrupted hard drive using a SATA cable, which is a computer bus interface that connects host bus adapters to mass storage devices. You can buy a SATA cable either online or in your local hardware store.

  • The problem i have, is, when i connect a usb hard disk, the internet stops, so i can’t download anything and put it to a usb hard disk.
  • But starting using from 2019, Windows 10, i see that this os cause many problems, so i use it only to the laptop, so i have a wifi connect to the router.
  • If Windows 10 does not show a plugged-in external hard drive then try rebooting Windows 10 if the external hard drive does not show up in Disk Management.
  • i use PC computers from 1989, so i know some things about enable or disable a usb hard disk and some other things also.
  • i don’t know if this happens, to protect the files are at a usb hard drive.

On the first screen select “Create installation media for .dll another PC” option. Next accept language, architecture, and edition. Windows will warn two more times that all apps will be removed.

Method 3 – Diskcheckup

Wait for the program to scan the location and compile a lost file list. Once the file list is completed, preview the files and choose to recover them either in bulk or file by file.

One end of the cable goes to the hard drive and the other goes to the motherboard. There’s really no way how you can connect it in a wrong way, so don’t worry. Many of the publishers of tools mentioned above provide recycle bin recovery software too.

Ways To Recover Data

in short, hard drives are the centre of the personal computer. Select your hard drive & click the ‘Recover’ button.