5 Reasons we Avoid RV Parks (and locations to camp rather! )

5 Reasons we Avoid RV Parks (and locations to camp rather! )

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This post ended up being updated March 2020

I used to pass RV parks and remark on how crowded and unnatural they looked before we bought our camper, Tom and. We’re able to not imagine ourselves remaining in RV areas, and now we obviously assumed that if you’d like to avoid RV areas you shouldn’t acquire an RV.

Fast ahead a couple of years and not just did we acquire an RV, we lived on it regular (though we often make reference to it as being a camper since our Toyota Dolphin is a small motorhome, in regards to the size of a camper van).

We lovingly bestowed on our Toyota Dolphin) we didn’t know much about camper living, and we weren’t sure where we could camp in the states besides, well, RV parks when we first bought La Peregrina (the name. Therefore, at first, we sucked it and remained in RV areas from the journey south to Mexico.

We would not like it.

Baja, Mexico had been an excellent respite from the RV areas of this states, ourselves camped on pristine beaches with small camper vans, other compact RV’s like ours, and tent campers as we regularly found.

Interested in mastering more about Baja? Discover this fantastic Baja travel guide, it absolutely was a tool that is indispensable our Baja adventures!

For us, and I did a lot of research before we returned to the United States I decided there HAD to be better options. As expected, after lots of digging, i ran across plenty of non-RV park camping options into the states, and today we really seldom find ourselves in RV areas!

Keep reading to master why we avoid RV areas, and where we camp alternatively. (Disclaimer: If RV parks are your thing, that’s great! They are the reasons they don’t work with us. )

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