The Waiting Game. The countdown to mailing final decisions

The Waiting Game. The countdown to mailing final decisions is on and I’m sure all our first-year applicants are wondering… what’s taking so long?! It takes a lot of manpower and hours to read 47,000 applications and we desire to give every application a reasonable review in order to produce the amazing, well-rounded, diverse, and successful Class of 2017. Let me pull back the curtain a bit and show you why it takes us many months to complete this process…

Since USC utilizes an approach that is holistic the admission procedure, our company is committed to reading and re-reading every piece associated with application. You understand those short respond to questions you reacted to? We read those. That activity summary you completed? Yup, we read every activity, organization, and experience you listed on there. I want to get to know you- your interests, your perspective, and most of all, hear your voice come through when I read an application. This technique takes time and thought you are as a student and a person as we try to understand how your academic performance, test scores, writing, involvements, and recommendations come together to paint a fuller picture of who.

The admission office might appear is—but it only runs as smoothly as it does through the use of multiple checks and balances throughout the process like it runs like a well-oiled machine on the outside—and it. We contact students when we’re missing a piece of the application and whene Continue reading “The Waiting Game. The countdown to mailing final decisions”

Per day in the Life of an Admission Counselor: Recruiting Students in NYC

Per day in the Life of an Admission Counselor: Recruiting Students in NYC

Question: Have you seen that movie, Admission with Tina Fey? Is the job really like that?

Yes, I’ve seen that movie. In fact, I viewed it on a Virgin America flight a couple of years ago on my option to NYC for one of my recruitment trips (How meta is the fact that?) Tina Fey plays an admission counselor from a highly selective university, and there’s a scene of her doing highschool visits that made me personally giggle a little too hard in my aisle seat (ok, fine…it was a middle chair). Tina does several vocal warm-ups and psychs herself up before reciting the same precise presentation about her school several times a day. This week begins my very first recruitment trip of the period in New York City, and I’ll be visiting four to five high schools on a daily basis to talk about the USC experience. Our applicant pool is large and diverse and my candidates’ understanding of USC and the royal resort las vegas reviews college admission process will be different significantly. After are some of this places where you’ll find me fulfilling students this autumn in the Big Apple!

1) Visiting High Schools

As you’re concluding your Calculus test or running from Drama or MUN, I’m probably underneath the city on the subway traveling to one of my numerous school that is high in NYC. Typically, here is the very simplest way to move around the town, but I ended up being once stuck underground for over three hours. If I do not appear for Continue reading “Per day in the Life of an Admission Counselor: Recruiting Students in NYC”