Choice, Charter Schools Get Big Payday

Choice, Charter Schools Get Big Payday

Federal Paycheck Protection grants don’t fund public schools but do fund private schools.

St. Marcus Lutheran School expansion, 2215 N. Palmer. Photo through the populous City of Milwaukee.

As soon as the government created its small-business loan system as a result into the COVID-19 pandemic, it had been clear from the beginning that general general general public schools wouldn’t be entitled to the help.

But information for Wisconsin released on Monday programs a big wide range of voucher and charter schools that describe on their own as general public schools, and get public money, also have gotten vast amounts in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans designed for smaller businesses.

Under PPP rules, they shall not likely need to pay the funds straight back.

On the list of nonprofits with ties to voucher and charter schools which have taken advantageous asset of the PPP system in Wisconsin will be the Bradley Foundation ($150,000 to $350,000), Silver Spring Neighborhood Center ($150,000 to $350,000) the rebels that are running Organization, Inc. ($350,000 to $1 million) and period of Grace Ministry ($150,000 to $350,000). Continue reading “Choice, Charter Schools Get Big Payday”