Have a look at Roommate Bondage Arrangement – Part 02

Have a look at Roommate Bondage Arrangement – Part 02

We lay here, completely nude, bent over a steel cage, my feet associated with the base right back corners, my hands tied away and toward the most effective front corners of this cage, my throat locked in a collar clipped into the cage, my entire body nevertheless aching through the previous hour. We saw my roomie and captor Bryan, out from the part of my attention, into the kitchen preheating the range.

“Is pizza good?” He asked me personally, as though any control was had by me of this situation whatsoever.

“Yeah man,” I said, “thanks.”

Bryan strolled up to me personally and went their fingers through my locks. He went their hands down my back, giving a tingle through my human body. He slid their hand along my ass and lightly tickled my taint before moving us to walk along the hallway, away from my extremely view that is limited.

A minutes that are few we heard him walking right back. He sat something in the dining dining table behind me, and strolled over in the front of me personally. Within the time he’d been gone he’d stripped down seriously to a speedo that is black. Whether he’d turned into that or been putting on it under their garments right through the day was anyone’s’ guess. He knelt straight down right in front of me personally, become at face level, and pulled a mouth that is open gag from behind his straight straight back. It absolutely was certainly one of our other roomie Jordan’s toys; they don’t do a best wishes maintaining you peaceful, nevertheless they do make what you state complete gibberish, and much more notably keeps your mouth available so a dom may use your throat nonetheless they choose. Continue reading “Have a look at Roommate Bondage Arrangement – Part 02”