Saudi specialist recommalesds men on how best to beat their spouses. By Zainab Salbi on June 7, 2016

Saudi specialist recommalesds men on how best to beat their spouses. By Zainab Salbi on June 7, 2016

By Zainab Salbi on June 7, 2016

Sitting in the middle of nature, enclosed by woodland in a environment radically not the same as the bare wilderness of Saudi Arabia, Khaled Al-Saqaby, a Saudi “family therapist” releases a video clip on Saudi national television leading guys from the rules and etiquette of spouse beating. In their opening remarks, he acknowledges that he’s engaging in the dangerous territory of a controversial conversation. But their mention of the controversy is probably addressed to guys — he’s trying to explain to them where they could be going incorrect inside their training of disciplining their spouses — not to ever ladies whoever legal rights are violated by said abuse.

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