Ghanaian research study: just exactly How ‘bride cost’ reinforces negative stereotypes

Ghanaian research study: just exactly How ‘bride cost’ reinforces negative stereotypes

Wedding is a organization typical to all the countries. Often it is followed closely by transfers—in most situations in the shape of payments—between the families regarding the groom

These re re payments may be categorised into two: dowry and bride price. The dowry, more widespread in parts of asia, involves re re re payments produced by the bride towards the groom along with his household. Bride-to-be price, on the other hand, is the payments that the potential groom and his household make up to a potential bride along with her household. It really is an extremely typical social training in Africa.

Historically, bride cost re re payment served to validate customary marriages in many societies that are african. It strengthened family that is new developed by marriage and legitimised kids created to marriages.

Ghanaian culture has withstood major modifications to its social techniques on the years that are past. The one that’s altered somewhat is bride cost. When you look at the days of the past, re re payment had been a household affair. A female’s bride cost ended up being paid by her groom and their family members. Bride price had not been negotiated: the groom along with his household often decided on which colombian mail order bride and exactly how much to pay for. This will be voluntarily and willingly compensated towards the grouped group of the bride.

Before Ghana had been colonised by the British in 1867, bride cost failed to include money as money hadn’t yet been introduced to the Ghanaian economy. Alternatively, it included products such as for instance bottles of schnapps, ornaments, garments and cowries for the bride’s mom, dad and brothers. Continue reading “Ghanaian research study: just exactly How ‘bride cost’ reinforces negative stereotypes”