Enjoy more everyday freedom

Enjoy more everyday freedom

In regards to the Scheme

The Motability Scheme helps you will get mobile by trading your high rate flexibility allowance to lease a unique affordable vehicle, Wheelchair available car, scooter or wheelchair that is powered.

The Scheme is run by Motability Operations Ltd , and overseen by Motability , a registered charity.


All-inclusive lease with insurance coverage, servicing, breakdown and maintenance address included.


We negotiate with manufacturers to produce certain we’re constantly providing you with the greatest rates possible.

Quick and easy

Payments are automatically obtained from your flexibility allowance.

Help for customers

For people, it is about to be able to aim for a outing, a vacation. What exactly many individuals probably ignore

What’s available?

It is possible to pick from https://www.speedyloan.net/reviews/advance-america-loans/ a huge number of vehicles, scooters, driven wheelchairs or Wheelchair available automobiles (WAV s).

We now have a range that is wide of from fuel-efficient smaller vehicles, to roomy estates, Multi-purpose automobiles (MVP) and Sport energy automobiles (SUV).

Vehicles with adaptations

Our adaptations are made to help to make your driving, or experience that is travelling comfortable as you can.

Wheelchair Available Vehicles

We provide automobiles which are specifically transformed so a wheelchair individual can travel either as being a passenger or a motorist. Continue reading “Enjoy more everyday freedom”